About Us

The American Healthcare Connect Consortium, Inc. (AHCC) is a member organization founded in Connecticut by healthcare professionals.  Current consortium members in Connecticut include two Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) organizations with 23 sites combined and one hospital with 31 sites.   Additional AHCC membership is planned to include hospitals, FQHCs, local health departments and care giver organizations in Connecticut, plus new members in surrounding states.   AHCC is working to partner with other organizations throughout the US to maximize the benefit of the FCC Healthcare Connect Fund program.


AHCC Mission Statement:
The American Healthcare Connect Consortium, Inc. (AHCC) is a member organization of healthcare providers whose mission is to take advantage of the funding available through the FCC’s Healthcare Connect Fund to improve substantially their resources and ability to use secure broadband communications to facilitate EHR exchange, electronic exchange of medical images, telemedicine, videoconferencing and improved transfer of electronic patient health information.

AHCC’s CEO Doug Arnold leads our network development.

Doug Arnold has an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, where he majored in Healthcare Systems Management.  Most recently, Doug was for 14 years the CEO of a 450 physician IPA in Connecticut, as well as the CEO of their Accountable Care Organization, which was approved by CMS in July 2012.  He was a founding Board member of eHealthCT, Connecticut’s Regional Extension Center.  He has been in healthcare management for 38 years.